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Released Products
Pong Ultra 1.1.1 - Released: May 30, 2003

Pong Ultra is a remake of the classic pong game featuring several songs, downloadable maps and several game modes not seen in the original pong. Updated 1.1.1 Version Released June 15,2003

The Terror Ver. 1.10 - Released: July 1, 2002

The Terror is a top down space shooter like Raptor. Has tons of unique graphics and is a must play. Updated: July 14,2002

Hangman Ultra Ver. 1.1 - Released: July 13, 2001

Hangman Ultra, is Star's first ever completely finished game. Has over 5 game modes, a story mode, 9 levels and more. Get it! Updated: July 10,2002

Mini Products
Global Warming: A Road Adventure 0.TINS_1 - Released: April 2, 2007

A game written in 72 hours for TINS 07. A very simple game where you just try to dodge obstacles and make it to the end of the level.

Ruby 0.1.1 - Released: Janaury 8, 2005

This was a test demo done in java to play around with the langauges capabilites and features.

PongU Christmas Edition. 1.00 - Released: Dec 23, 2002

A contest entry, this game is based on my new pong games engine and has some slick particle effects.

Metal Qb Ver. 1.00 - Released: August 30, 2002

My Mini game contest entry, has been given a facelift and has sound and music. A top down shooter type game, much like Metal Gear.

Tile Engine Ver. 1.00 - Released: July 27, 2001

A Tile Engine Demo, has 2 different exe's, a pixel scrolling engine and a tile scrolling engine.

Boxes Demo 0.0025 - Released: November 1, 2000

A really old game, has 2 levels, a story and plays like pacman.